Bitter But Good For You

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Bitter But Good For You Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "Who's Wins?".
Brakis (NPC).png Brakis (NPC).png
Starts with Brakis Ends with Brakis
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Brakis at the Royal Army Base.
2. Obtain the Useful Herb in Battle Quest Herb Lands.
3. Talk to Brakis.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 42000 Gold (Icon).png 102300 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Title (Icon).png   Title
Herb-Picking Pal

Story Dialogue
Talk to Brakis at the Royal Army Base.
Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

... Guh.

Oh, you're here.
My head is ringing, so kindly speak softly.

I could really use your help.
Riordan wants me to come on patrol with him.

Obviously, I'm in no condition to...face Riordan,
so I was wondering if you could get me an antidote...

[You say "For hangover?]

Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

Oh, no! No. Absolutely not.
If Riordan heard that, he would be livid.

Don't say such things.

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You discovered the title: Herb-Picking Pal.
Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

So, just get me something good for hang...
I mean, for detoxification.

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You received information on Battle: Herb Lands.
Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

It won't be easy since Fobellow Prairie is so barren.
The plant is still common, so you'll find at least one.

Finding two might be difficult.
You'd need similar circumstances in two...

(Brakis starts rambling about statistics, of all things.)

(He doesn't even look like
he's listening to himself...)

(In the middle of a story you
don't care about, he winces.)

Ohh, my head hurts...
I can't really say much more.

I'm counting on you, friend.

Obtain the Useful Herb in Battle Quest Herb Lands and deliver it to Brakis.
Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

That looks right. Let's see...ten leaves that cross
each other, root divided into three sections...

Indeed. Here, hand it to me.

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Delivered [[Useful Herb|Useful Herb]]

(Brakis pops the plant into his mouth and chews on it vigorously.)

Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

Yes, that's better. My headache is finally abating.
It still hurts a bit, but I can handle myself now.

Ah...since I feel a better, [sic] come have a
seat and I'll continue my story...

(Before you can escape, Brakis starts talking
about statistical distribution again.)

(After awhile, you realize he's moved on
to animal husbandry.)

(You have no idea when he shifted topics...)

(Your head begins to throb.)

(You beging to back away from Brakis slowly...)

...makes an excellent lubricant, as well...
Hey, where are you going?

Somewhere to be? Are you okay?
Right, well, stop by again sometime!

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You received the title: Herb-Picking Pal.