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Part 0: Downloading the Client[edit source]

Go to this page and download the client. This may take a few hours, depending on your connection. System Requirements are listed on the same page.

Part 0.1: Server Selection[edit source]

Please note that Vindictus is only open to residents of Canada and U.S.A. If you're not a resident, then you will be disconnected from the game due to an IP Block. The EU version of Vindictus will be arriving by the end of 2010! After logging in to your Nexon account, select either the West Server or the East Server, depending what coast you're closer to. Characters made on one server are not transferable to the other server, as well as names.

  • Example: Creating the character "Jane" on the West Server will not give you the character "Jane" on the East Server. Someone else will be able to take that name.

At this point, your game may begin patching. You don't need to do anything but wait for it to finish. When it is finished, the game will launch automatically.

Part 0.2: Game Start Screen[edit source]

The first screen you will come across is the Game Start screen. Here you are also able to change the game options, which proves to be useful if your computer is not able to handle the highest settings. If you don't know how to manually configure your settings, just go into the Video tab and change your Graphics Settings. You are also able to choose whether you want to play in Full Screen or Windowed Mode.
When you're finished configuring your options, press Apply and click Game Start.

Part 0.3: Character Selection[edit source]

You will have three characters to choose from: Fiona, Lann and Evie.

  • Fiona is a female character who uses a shield and sword. Having stronger defense tactics than Lann, she is the "Tanker" in a party.
  • Lann is the male dual swordsman. He has the highest DPS in the game.
  • Evie is a female magic user that uses a staff. Evie possess high-powered and support spells.

If you click on a character, a video will begin playing to explain the characters. Once you select a character to play as, you'll be brought to the prologue.

  • Note: Each account will be allowed to have up to 4 characters.

Part 0.4: The Prologue[edit source]

You're able to skip the prologue if you hit ESC. This is not recommended for new players, as the Prologue will explain to you the basic features of Vindictus.
In the prologue, you will see a group of mercenaries going to attack a spider. The village oracle, Tieve, will come in and convince the leader of the mercenaries, Aodhan, to stop their attack. After a while, you will be brought inside the building, where all the mercenaries have fallen. Follow Tieve and fight monsters along the way, using the keys explained to you in-game (Which will change depending on if you're using Mouse mode or Keyboard mode). At some point, Tieve will pass out, and you will have to fight with her in your arms.
After you pass many rooms and even go around the outside of the building, you will come face-to-face with the Giant Spider, the previous town guardian. After fighting it for a few minutes, a bell will fall on it, and after the heart-wrenching scene between Tieve and the Spider you'll wake up at the Inn.

Part 0.5: Character Customization[edit source]

You'll be asked by Tieve for your name, after which you'll be brought to the Character Customization screen. Unfortunately, at this point you're unable to leave unless you close your client and restart the game. You'll be able to choose from a few hairs, hair colors, skin colors, etc.
Only one feature will affect gameplay, that is, height. Taller characters are able to reach farther than shorter characters, but are slower. Likewise, Shorter characters will be faster but won't be able to reach as far.
After creating your character, you will have to go to the Mercenary Outpost, located close to the Inn. It's on your Minimap, so you can't really get lost.

Part 1: Post-Customization[edit source]

After you've done the prologue (you can push Esc to skip the prologue), created and customized your character, Tieve will talk about the events of the previous days before telling you to seek out Marrec at the Mercenary Outpost. You'll be given an option to go into town or chat more. After you've gone to town, the Mercenary Outpost is just a hop and skip away, just walk straight and slightly to the right and you can't miss it, and the huge sign above it marked Mercenary Outpost helps too.

Before Doing a Story[edit source]

Starting at episode 1 you will have a blue arrow to tell where to go for the story quest (Main Story only), but once you get to episode 2 there would be no longer the arrows to guide you.

Part 2: To the Mercenary Outpost[edit source]

After you get into the outpost, you'll find Marrec arguing with Gwynn, a member of the Royal Army. After a few speech bubbles you'll be told to talk to Ceara instead. After a few more walls o' text you'll be told to embark on your first battle! After you are finished talking to Ceara hit Esc on your keyboard or click the Exit button at the top of your screen to leave and be returned to town.

Part 3: Preparing for Battle[edit source]

After you're back in town head to the dock. After you've come out to the dock run up to the sign that says To Perilous Ruins, you'll also see a nice glowing circle around it. In the new window that pops up click Launch, then Battle, then Mercenary Training Site then click Launch in the bottom part of the window. You'll be brought to your ready-up boat, from here you can buy things from the owl shop, check your mailbox or you can also practice some combat here and this will also be your last chance to pick your items before embarking on your mission. For now, don't worry to much about anything, just hold down your Alt key and click Start.

Part 4: Mercenary Training Site[edit source]

Your very first battle. Your first test. This mission is more of an experience battle and will teach you combos and basic combat in more depth than just the prologue. You will be fighting Wood Men here, they are easy to take out so feel free to mess around to test out the combat. Your hand will be held through most of the mission by the game as it teaches you combos, how to grab things, and it helps you through your first boss.

Part 4.1: Wood Man Guard[edit source]

This boss is quite straight-forward, Lann can slide-strafe dodge him and Fiona can block all of his attacks. Just dodge or block him and then do a small combo then dodge or block his next attack (he will crouch down before swinging). Rinse and repeat 'till he's dead. After you kill him, black orbs also known as Evil Cores will fall out of his body, run up to them and press E to get them. After you loot him, click Return to Town.

Part 5: Completing the Story[edit source]

Run back into town through the gate at the docks and go to the Mercenary Outpost. Listen to Marrec and Gwynn argue for awhile longer 'till she leaves then Marrec will finally acknowledge your existence. You'll get a Crimson Blade Tunic and your next battle, Fomorian Emblem, which is your first real battle. You may not be able to wear the tunic yet, but do not fret! You will be lookin' sexy in it soon. You should have also hit level 2, so you should open up your gift in your inventory, which will give you some HP potions, Spears, Gold, and the next gift which you can open at level 5. Talk to Marrec once more and click Story and then Crimson Blade Set which will give you a new story - to get all of the Crimson Blade starter armor.

Part 5.1: Preparations in Town[edit source]

When you leave the outpost you'll notice an exclamation mark over the Inn, that means that there is a new story available there so head on in. After you get in talk to Tieve and click Story and then acquiring titles, this will give you a story to get the title Whipped by Shayla. We'll deal with this story later, but for now just keep it in the back of your mind.

Part 5.2: Ready for Fomorian Emblem?[edit source]

Alright! Off to your next mission. Things may explode. Well, if you bring bombs. Head to the Docks and select your battle. Now you can do this with a party if you'd like but this guide is only covering solo tactics as presently a lot of people are having troubles with party play in the beta because of the peer-to-peer aspect of the dungeons. When at the launch screen for the battle, you'll see you can now select an Oath of Honor which are special conditions of the battle that, if met, will net you extra battle points. Since this is a solo run the obvious choice is Two or fewer players which I selected for my run. Then under players mark alone and if you want make it invite only, though it doesn't matter. Launch your boat, ready up in the preparations boat and start the battle!

Part 6: Fomorian Emblem Battle[edit source]

This is a quite straight-forward mission. Kill all the gnolls and spiders, cut down the bridge and then make your way to the boss. The boss is pretty easy, he has one bar of health and only two attacks which can both be blocked by Fiona or easily dodged with a barrel roll or a strafing-slide. Kill him, get his Evil Cores, return to the docks, and then get back to the outpost!

Part 7: Back to Mercenary Outpost[edit source]

You should have hit level three by now, so once you're back at the outpost throw on your new tunic. If not, you should hit three after you turn in this quest. Marrec will leave and then you'll have your tutorial on skill ranking. What you rank first is up too you, but there are plenty of reasons for each individual skill. Train your skill up then talk to Ceara. Well Marrec will come back in and you'll get a helm, a sewing pattern and a new quest. Quickly talk to Marrec before you leave and complete the Crimson Blade Set quest by going to story and clicking on it, this will give you a new title, and with it a +5 strength bonus. You can equip the title if you like but you don't have to equip it to get the bonus, titles stack up. Now equip your helm and tunic, and head out to get your next quest done!

Part 7.1: Kristie the Huntress[edit source]

After you leave the outpost head to the Traveler's Shop, directly south of the outpost on the minimap. When you come in, Kirstie and a stranger named Schulivan will be arguing about a previous made deal regarding gold gnoll leather. After Schulivan leaves Kirstie will tell you she needs you to deliver her some gold gnoll leather. You'll complete the quest and get Phoenix Feather along with some gold and EXP. You'll also obtain your next quest, Oh, Ellis.

Part 7.2: Oh, Ellis[edit source]

Leave the shop and head to the General Store which is northwest of the Traveler's Shop on the minimap. After you enter Ellis tells you he's going to follow you back to the outpost and for you to lead the way. Gwynn will give you your next mission and you'll get some spears. You should be leveling to 5 sometime soon, so when you do open up your level 5 gift to get 2k gold, HP pots, and spears. Head out of the outpost after you're done.

Part 7.3: Side Story[edit source]

Before you get your next main quest done, head to the The Forge, due west from the outpost on the minimap. Once inside talk to Shayla about A Job for Shayla (1). You'll learn she wants gold leather as well, meaning you'll have to get two from the mission. Head out to the docks and load up the Gold Leather battle, pick your Oath of Honor if you want and launch! Make your way to the boss and take him out. Fiona can block all of his attacks and if you're Lann you can easily dodge and sprint out of the way. If you're lucky you'll get two gold leather from him, if not you'll have to run it again. Not a horribly bad thing, as you'll get more EXP, gold, and you can do the other Oath.

Part 7.4: Everything Comes Together[edit source]

After you get your two gold leather head to The Forge and give one of them to Shayla. You'll get a ring, title, money, and EXP for completion. After you complete it talk to her again and get the next quest she has. It's a drop quest so you may get it done quickly or it may take forever. Whenever you get the parts just bring them to her to turn them in and get some more stuff. Now head out of the shop and go straight to the Inn. Talk to Tieve and finish Acquiring Titles I and pick up Acquiring Titles II from her. Head out and go to the Traveler's Shop. Turn in the quest to get some EXP, gold, and a Fire Spirit Remnant. By now you should be about level 6 but if you ran Gold Leather twice to get a second piece of leather you may be higher.

Part 7.5: One Last Thing![edit source]

After you leave the Traveler's Shop head to the outpost and talk to Ceara about Premium Rookie Set and she'll send you to Clodagh. Leave the outpost and head to the General Store and talk to Clodagh. Assuming you have your premium rookie set still you'll get a nice little EXP bonus which should almost get you to level 7 and should give you a nice new title that gives you plus 20 health, which is well worth two minutes of your time.

Part 8: Back to the Story[edit source]

Head to the docks and launch your new main mission Gwynn's Request Fight your way through to the boss. This boss is an archer so the key is to stay out in the open ground for when he starts to fire as he will -always- fire that way, and try and get behind him as much as possible. Fiona can block all of his attacks and Lann can easily strafe out of the way of arrows. Work him down to null health and you're done. You're probably level 7 so open up that level 7 gift you have in your inventory for some small bombs, phoenix feathers, and 2k gold. You'll also receive your level 10 gift. *Note you cannot open gifts while in missions.*

Part 8.1: Back to Mercenary Outpost[edit source]

Go back to the outpost and the captain will be back along with Marrec. Marrec gets upset and the Captain tells him to cool off so he leaves. Get your quest complete and you should be about half way to level 8 already. Leave and head back out to town.

Part 8.2: Tieve's Gift[edit source]

Head to the Inn and get the quest Tieve's Gift from Tieve. After you get it head to the Magic Lab, which is southeast of the Inn on the minimap, and it's also the only place we haven't visited yet. Talk to Brynn and he'll give you a skill book for Meditation. Read it immediately before you do anything else. Meditation gives you 1 AP every 60 minutes at rank F and you can rank it up to make it give you one AP more often. This AP is still given to you even when you're offline. Now talk to Brynn and get all of his quests. They are all collection quests so just come turn them in as you get the items. Now talk to the Mysterious Man in the Magic Lab and get the quest to learn his name. After you're done head out, return to the Inn and talk to Tieve. Complete the quest and you'll be told to rush back to the outpost but don't go just yet. Head out of the Inn after you're done.

Part 8.3: The Mysterious Man[edit source]

After you leave the Inn go to the General Store and trade with Aislinn, scroll down to the bottom and buy a Sapphire Ring. Then talk to Clodagh and pick up her quest to craft a hat. After you're done leave and head back to the Magic Laboratory. Pick up Brynn's new quest then head out and go to the outpost.

Part 8.4: Heading to Mercenary Outpost[edit source]

Head into the outpost and go through all the text, you'll receive veteran pants and your new skill book. It will be either Ivy Sweep for Fiona or Fanning Slash for Lann. Both attacks are very powerful and very useful against bosses and regular mobs alike. Learn your skill, put on your new pants and then talk to Gallagher. He'll tell you the name of the man at the Magic Laboratory if you give him a Sapphire Ring. Talk to him again and give him said ring. You'll be told his name is Nyle, you'll receive 1k gold (half of what you spent on the ring) one Iron Ore, 3k EXP, and a new title. Now talk to Marrec and grab his three new quests. Now head out of the Outpost.

Part 9: To the Decisive Battle[edit source]

Head out to the docks and load up your new mission Wind Through the Ruins. To finish your quest you have to get 100 battle points in this mission so I highly suggest picking an Oath of Honor for the extra BP. Do either win with 3 or less players, or, if you want a challenge, Season of Macha. Going into this quest you should be level 8 and be just about half way to level 9.

On your way through the battle you'll encounter white gnolls that are bigger then the others. They hit harder and have more health too. These are called veteran gnolls and they can be a nightmare in numbers. Against large numbers of these guys your best best for Fiona the best bet is to kick combo, which is 4 normal attacks followed by a smash, and is a very high powered knock back attack. For Lann the best bet is to use Fanning Slash Against only one or two of them just grab them with the E key, bring them quickly to a wall, get there backs to it and right click to smash them into the wall, which is almost always an instant kill. It may sound difficult but you'll eventually perfect the grab and it's well worth it.

The boss is the same as the others, can be blocked, dodged, and is very predictable. Defeat him then head back to town after you get his loot. Even if you got 100 points it still tells you to do the mission again, it's bugged, just ignore it and go back to the outpost.

Part 9.1: Another stop at Mercenary Outpost[edit source]

When you get back to the outpost Gwynn will be there apologizing for the casualties and being yelled at by Marrec. You'll get your helm, some EXP and gold, and get the last mission that will be covered in this guide featuring the Gnoll Chieftain. If you're not level 10 yet this mission or quest will get you there.

Part 10: The Chieftain[edit source]

Go to the docks and prepare for battle, since this is a solo guide, bring spears and a lot of HP potions. Fill up your quick slots with them. Fight your way through the mission killing gnolls, worms, spiders and veterans alike, making your way to the Chieftain. You may also encounter a rare boss called the Bryialne. It's a red wisp who's relatively easy to kill and drops some pretty rare and valuable stuff, including it's heart that you have a quest for. The Chieftain is difficult, especially to solo but if you read these tips and are smart with your spears and HP pots you'll get through just fine.

The Chieftain has three bars of health in solo and a ton of defense and attack power. He has three attacks: a predictable frontal ground smash attack that can be dodged or strafed away from, a difficult to dodge kick attack that he uses against enemies in front of him, and a high power, wide arc hammer spin attack that spins twice before stopping. You can stun him for a few seconds by throwing a spear at his eyes. Watch your stamina in this fight more than anything. You need a lot of stamina to survive a direct encounter because you need enough to attack him with a smash combo and to roll or strafe at least twice. Lann will be at a disadvantage because he has less defense then Fiona but he does do quite a bit more damage. If you're using Lann then just strafe out of the way of his attacks as much as you can.

Do not be a hero in this fight. It takes time, and a lot of it. Work him down nice and slow. Don't try and get that "one more hit" feeling as it's better to miss a hit or two and save your hide for sure than take the risk and being instantly incapacitated by an attack that does 400 damage against you. Keep strafing and staying behind him as much as you can. Fiona can NOT block his attacks until she has Heavy Stander (and even then it won't block 100% of the damage until it's at rank A), which you don't get until you defeat him at least once. Just keep rolling out of the way of his attacks and do the same as Lann, just keep moving. Fiona does have more defense then Lann so the Chieftain's attacks will be less effective but they will still hurt. You'll wear him down eventually. After you kill him return to town and turn the quest in.

Congratulations! You should be just about level 10 now. Best of luck in your future endeavors in the world of Vindictus.

Afterword[edit source]

This guide was originally created by Kalan60 and Mistreil, and edited by Bumble, Rhakark, Celadon, and Jlee.