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Battle Points (BP) are a scoring system that reflects a character's completion of objectives within a specific Battle. When launching a battle, the possible objectives are listed in the left side of the Launch interface. There are three objective types that contribute to the total BP score for a battle.

Although objectives may be completed multiple times over the course of multiple runs of a battle, BP is only counted for each objective once. In the past, you would have had to fulfill enough objectives to gain enough BP as a prerequisite to do the next battle. This is no longer the case; simply finishing a battle that is a prerequisite for another will automatically give you enough BP (100 BP) from the main mission objective to move on.

There is a mention in-game that you may be able to get a reward by full-completing a certain number of missions, but this is unconfirmed

Main Mission Objective[edit | edit source]

The main mission objective is always to defeat the last boss of the mission. For example, in Decisive Battle, the main objective is "Defeat Gnoll Chieftain". In this particular battle, completing the main mission objective (i.e., finishing the mission) is worth 100 BP. Some battles which are not prerequisites for other battles give less BP. For example, The Giant will give 30 BP.

Oath of Honor[edit | edit source]

Oaths of Honor are repeatable additional objectives that players can choose when launching a mission, allowing for the gain of additional BP and EXP. Only one Oath can be selected per launch. Like the main mission objective, Oaths of Honor are always completed when the mission is finished. If a group fails to meet the requirements for the selected Oath, the mission is automatically failed. There are several different types of Oaths (the experience gained is applicable each time you complete it):

  1. Win within X minutes
  2. Season of Macha (difficulty up)
    • Note: In this Oath of Honor, all enemies will deal more damage.
    • Trivia: "Season of Macha" is a reference to the Badhbh Cath Goddess of War (and later Destruction), Macha. She had the unique ability to strengthen her armies.
  3. Warrior's Challenge (Solo mode)
    • Note: In this Oath of Honor, you will only have to do one map before reaching the main boss.
  4. Incapacitated < X times
  5. Equipment Destroyed < X times
  6. Win while playing solo
    • Having other players Assist you does not count towards party count, and therefore will not ruin this oath.
  7. Win with X or fewer players
    • Having other players Assist you does not count towards party count, and therefore will not ruin this oath.
  8. Win without repairing armor/wearing armor/Phoenix Feathers/Secondary Weapons/Potions
    • Using a Campfire's restoration abilities or its anvil doesn't count as repairing. Only the use of Armor Temporary Repair Kits counts toward this oath.
    • Potions refers specifically to health potions. Other potions, such as the stamina potions, do not count towards this oath. It is also possible to use the HP Potion purchased from the Supply Depot - "Merc Potion"
    • The items related to these oaths will be automatically unequipped before the mission starts.

Bonus Mission[edit | edit source]

These objectives, unlike Oaths of Honor, are not selectable by the host and grant additional gold, rather than EXP. In addition, a group can complete multiple bonus missions during one battle. BP is automatically granted upon completion of the objective, but the BP is not added to the mission list until the end of the mission. Therefore, players must still finish the mission to get the BP for the bonus. Bonus missions tend to have a high component of sheer luck or are otherwise less under the players' control than Oaths of Honor. Like Oaths, there are many different types of bonus missions:

  1. Obtain item (Break Off)
  2. Obtain X items (Solo, Party)
  3. Defeat X monster(s)
  4. Defeat X monster(s) with Objects/Spears/Small Bombs/Kicks/Normal Attacks/Smash Attacks
  5. Destroy a part of monster
  6. Win with X players under Lv. Y
  7. Equipment Destroyed < X times

Any time a weapon type is mentioned, such as Spears or Small Bombs, you can also use the Fine version of the item (Fine Spear and Fine Small Bomb) to accomplish it.