Bark No. 1

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Bark No. 1
Bark No. 1 (Enemy).png
Type Tank
Location Misty Summit
Boss of Bizarre Machine
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 2

Stats[edit | edit source]

Related Titles[edit | edit source]

Drops[edit | edit source]

Regular Drops[edit | edit source]

Materials Equipment Etc.
All Modes Coin Pouch
Lv. 50 - 69 Mode Bark No. 1 Engine Scrap, Bark No. 1 Wheel Piece, Bark No. 1 Armor Shard, Misty Summit Source
Lv. 70 - 80 Mode Bark No.1 Barrel Fragment, Bark No. 1 Engine Scrap, Bark No. 1 Wheel Piece, Bark No. 1 Armor Shard, Misty Summit Source Righteous Enchant Scroll
Enlightened Enchant Scroll
Silent Enchant Scroll
Journeying Enchant Scroll
Declarative Enchant Scroll

Reinforced Enchant Scroll

Quest-Only Drops[edit | edit source]

Map & Legend[edit | edit source]


  • Pink Square : starting area of players.
  • Yellow Line : Ramp track, there's a ramp at each end of the track
  • Red Line : Non-ramp track.
  • Orange Circle : Bark starting position, and is considered danger spot.
  • Green Circle : The Railway turntable.
  • Purple Dots around the Green Circle : lever used to control the railway turntable.
  • Black Dots : Manholes around the area that emmit heat steam from below, flinching and dealing damage to any players passing by.

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • Bark is a giant train engine that consist of many parts, and each part has its own health bar and each operate independently:
    • 2 Tube launchers and 1 Cannon at top center.
    • 1 Giant Drill at the front center. (Break off)
    • 1 Excavating Drill at the rear center. (Break off)
    • 4 Claw Arms at middle center. (Break off)
    • 2 pair of Saw Arms at front and rear corners. The 2 Saw Arms in each pair share health bars. (Break off)
    • Hitting break off parts excessively will cause them to malfunction, unable to take any action for a short time.
  • Bark will start moving when its body has taken enough damage. The damage needed for it to move is less when its health get lower.
    • If the claw arms repair all the damage done to Bark, it will not move.
  • Bark will only move on the railroad,It is invulnerable while moving, remains invulnerable for a while after it stop moving, and will only stop upon reaching the tunnel's entrance.
    • A notification will appear when it's preparing to move.
    • Bark will horn a few times to signal its movement. It will horn 4 times in a row as last warning.
  • The Railway turntable will control where Bark will go:
    • Each time Bark moves, 1 of the 4 levers around the Railway turntable will glow (except in 1 case):
      • Hitting the glowing lever will keep the Railway turntable from turning, making Bark move straight forward.
      • Do not hit any levers : Bark will stop on the Railway Turntable. The Turntable will rotate 90 degree clockwise, Bark will start moving in its new course.(except in 1 case)
      • Hitting a non-glow lever is the same as not hitting any lever.
  • Bark's body cannot be destroyed unless all of its Break off parts are destroyed, otherwise it will stay at 1 hp.
  • Hitting Bark's bumper (either sides) or breaking any parts will prevent it from moving. Bark's body will shake when this happens. This can only be done when Bark's preparing to move.
    • There's a limit of how many times this can be done, Bark will be invulnerable and start moving once the limit is reached.
  • At 2 health bars, Bark will go berserk and shoot out missiles in quick succession.
  • After all Break off parts of Bark are destroyed, Bark becomes vulnerable and takes extra damage. Dealing enough damage anywhere to the body will prevent Bark from moving, the limit for preventing Bark's movement is also increased.

Battle Skills & Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Canon:
    • Rotates and points at either side of the ramp, then blasts anyone who's standing on that ramp.
  • Tubes:
    • A red crosshair target a player, the Tubes will fire a cannonball at the target The cannonball will explode in mid-air, releasing many homing missiles at the target.
  • Saw arms:
    • Lowers to ground level, both Sawblades align horizontally, then slowly/quickly slice from the side to the bumper.
    • Lowers to ground level, both Sawblades align diagonally, then slowly/quickly slice from the side to the bumper.
    • A quick slice from each sawblade, one after another. Has a chance hit players who're boarding Bark.
  • Claw arms: each time it's about to attack, it will open its claw and move in a distinctive pattern.
    • Does a 180 degree swipe.
    • Slams down 3 times, then does a 180 swipe.
    • Slams down the claw. Releases a line shockwave when it hits the ground.
    • Picks up a player and throws them away.
    • Spins around, hitting all players who're aboard Bark. (there are 2 variants of this attack)
    • Repairs damaged parts/body if there're no targets at ground level.
  • Giant Drill:
    • Drills forward. The drill either take a very long time to charge up or attack immediately.
  • Excavating Drill :
    • Rotates the drill to the side, then does 1 spin -- only hits people aboard.
    • Slams the drill 90 degree to the ground, causing damage in an AoE.
      • Karok can Clash this attack.
    • Slams the drill 90 degree to the ground. After a brief moment, the piston on the drill is pumped, causing damage in an AoE.
    • Slams down the drill on the left side, then slowly drags the drill to the right side.
    • Extends the drill in an angle and strikes.
  • DANGER SPOT : Excluding the start, if Bark ends up at the Danger Spot any time during the battle, the next time it would move, a lever will not glow. Bark will go straight to the end of the red track and go inside the tunnel, then begin bombarding the place, dealing massive damage to all players

Tips & Advice[edit | edit source]

  • Things that need to do in the battle :
    • 0 : Controlling the tracks.
    • 1 : Break the claw arms, otherwise they will keep repairing Bark.
    • 2 : Break other parts.
    • 3 : Finish off Bark.
  • Throwing spears, Hammer's Stigma charge, or any move that can flinch/have high knockdown value to the bumper can prevent Bark from moving.
  • Controlling the tracks :
    • Plain and simple : Do not hit the lever if Bark is on the red track, hit the lever if it's on the yellow track, only hit the glow lever.
    • Kai can use longbow to control all 4 levers with the right positioning.( i.e : stand in between 2 levers)
    • Kai's longbow shot can pierce through 2 levers at a time.
    • You can hide behind the lever's box to avoid damage from any incoming missiles.
    • Non-Kai characters with good mobility should move to the lever as soon as they hear the first horns, or preferably as soon as they see the notification.
    • Spears can be used to activate levers from afar.
  • Break:
    • Do not trans in Break phase, because it will make Bark's move faster, and waste trans time when Bark's moving.
    • Except for Kai, the only way to deal damage to the claw arms is to climb aboard Bark. To do so, Bark needs to stop at the ramp track, so everyone can climb on the ramp and jump aboard Bark.
    • After successfully climbing aboard Bark, everyone need to damage to the claw arms first, while avoiding dealing too much damage to the body(so Bark doesn't move away). There're many tactics for this part:
      • Everyone in the party can focus on 1 claw arm. The party will need to out damage Bark's repair rate(Bark repairs very fast with 4 claw arms). Once 1 arm is destroyed, it's significantly easier.
      • 1 person (Fiona, Karok) will stay at the bumper and wait to prevent Bark from moving.
      • Bow Kais should stay at ground level -- there's no need to stay close to the arm. They can hide under the ramp to avoid missiles.
    • If done right, the party can destroy 2 claw arms the first time aboard Bark.
  • After all parts are destroyed, you'll need to finish Bark's body off as fast as possible. After it goes berserk, it will shoot missiles in quick succession. The party might consider spreading out to minimize splash damage from missile.
  • The ramp provides a roof-like cover that can block missiles if you stand under it, but it won't cover you if you stand too close to Bark.
  • Dashing/Charging while Bark is moving into position might cause your character to glitch inside Bark, effectively avoiding all missiles. Beware that Bark deals lots of collide damage while it's moving.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The structure at the very top of Bark's cabin - a cannon - is its "head". Kai can proc Headshot by shooting this structure while standing on the ramps to deal additional damage to Bark's main body.