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In certain Battle Quests there are ballista which can be used to target enemies. Depending on the battle, the ballista may restrain an enemy, can be used to hit break offs or just deal damage. Ballista can be found in Remnants, The Giant, The Inverse Blade, Blade of Silence, Avatar of Destruction, and The God of Fomors/Timeless Rage.

The ballista must be loaded with Ballista Spears found scattered in the battlefield. Players can then mount the ballista, aim and fire as if it were a secondary weapon. The ballista in all but The God of Fomors/Timeless Rage must be manually reloaded, and the ammo is limited. The ballista in The God of Fomors/Timeless Rage automatically reloads and has unlimited ammo.

The sensitivity for rotating the ballista also varies on the battle. For example, in The Giant, the ballista turns slowly, but in The God of Fomors/Timeless Rage, it moves quickly.

In The Giant, the two ballista fire chains that are used to restrain Titan. A single ballista can hold 3 ballista spears. Two consecutive shots in a short amount of time will cause Titan to stand still for some time. This allows players to aim for the break off on it's left ankle. If the second ballista shot isn't hit within 10 seconds or so of the first shot, the restrain count resets. After firing a shot that hits Titan, hitting the fire button again will launch a second ballista shot (if another shot was loaded). This allows a single ballista to be used to restrain Titan with a skilled player.

In Avatar of Destruction the ballista can be used to stun Glas Ghaibhleann for several seconds. Two consecutive shots will stun Glas. While stunned, players with Chain Hooks can attempt to break off Glas's back right wing.

In The God of Fomors/Timeless Rage there are eight ballistas. These can be used to hit Ancient Elchulus/Elchulus' multiple points or to drop them from the sky. The break off points need many shots. It takes 3 consecutive hits during the flying mode to drop Elchulus to the ground, stunning him for a long time. If the players take too long to hit Elchulus, the restrain count will reset or Elchulus will land on the ground, ending the chance to stun Elchulus.

In the Prologue, the Crimson Blade Mercenaries are also seen using Ballista against Wenshardt.