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How to change background in this wiki[edit | edit source]

If you want to change backgrounds on this wiki, you must be an administrator. When you are not an administrator, you cannot edit the javascript and css files.

The default background is this:

Then was added this two images:


The default background is set by .css style. The others are set by javascript random generator.

MediaWiki:Common.css - css script
MediaWiki:Common.js - javascript script

You can also add some your images, which are in .png format. The image should be in 1920x1080 resolution.
Then you can upload your image on wiki. Then you must to copy image url and paste the url in javascript.

After you have image url, you can go into javascript here. Then you must go to down. If you localize note which says :/*Script to load random backgrounds*/ below is script for random changing background. Below this note is whole javascript.
For adding your image you just add another line in this section:

var backgroundImg = [

Then the script automatically randomly select one from all background and show it to user.