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"Assisting" is joining a party anytime while they are in a Battle Quest. There is only one way to ASSIST someone, and one way to invite someone to assist you.
Note: You can only have one assist at a time.

How to Assist[edit | edit source]

  • To assist someone: Right click on a friend's name and click "Assist." You'll be teleported into the Battle Quest (BQ) upon the leader accepting the request.
    • When you assist someone, you will automatically join their party, but will not be teleported [until the leader of the party accepts your request for assist].
    • When assisting someone using the friends list, the person you are trying to assist must be shown as currently in a BQ in order for the "Assist" to show in the drop down menu.
    • You must be at the docks before you are transported to the mission.
    • You must have already been logged in when the target of your assist started the battle. The assist button cannot be clicked if you logged in after they started.
  • To request assistance of someone: The party leader can type in the command "/invite [User IGN]"
    • One does NOT have to be friends with the person they are inviting to assist them. You can invite any user using this method.
    • You must have one free space in the party for this method to work. Be wary when choosing solo oaths or decreasing the maximum party member capacity when creating a boat.

Note: You cannot call for an assist in The Fomorian Leader, Secret Naughty Chamber, Fate and Destiny. The 24 player raids do not allow for assists either, which includes: Frosted Omen, An Ancient Race, The God of Fomors, Guardian of the East and Guardian of the West.

When you enter the battle, you will gain a short-lasting invincibility status effect. However, some time may be wasted by the party member loading the map.

Pros and Cons to Assisting[edit | edit source]


  • While assisting you do not count towards the total party members, e.g. you're doing Oath of Honor for win while playing solo, you may have friends assist you all the way through and still get your oath. In addition you can go above the maximum party count.
  • Because you do not receive anything from assisting, the AP you get next run will not be lowered like it generally is after a run, unless the quest is a daily, NEVER ASSIST ON A DAILY IF YOU HAVEN'T DONE IT YET.
  • You may obtain gold that falls on the ground, and also any specific items that drop, e.g. erg crystals, remnants or things like ice crystals.
  • While assisting, doing special kills or doing anything towards a title will count.
  • You will get exp for killing mobs.
  • You will still receive transformation EXP if you transform.
  • The story-related evil core will drop for the assist, and the assist will be able to obtain the story-related item from it.


  • You will not receive any gold at the end of the quest.
  • You will not receive exp for completing the battle or bonus missions.
  • Equipment durability is still lost.
  • Part of Quest exp is allotted to the assist if they stay through end screen. Therefore they should leave before end screen to not waste Quest exp.
  • You will not receive any BP at the end of the quest.
  • You can not grab any items from evil cores.
  • If you assist before the party has reached the boss, the bosses HP will increase based on party size. However, Raid Boss HP is static regardless of party size.
  • If it is a guild member assisting, the player in the party will not get guild member bonus.
  • If you assist on a daily for the first time, it will count towards completing that daily even though you do not receive any AP.
  • The first time assisting will have full HP. Any assist after that, even if its from different players, will have 1 HP. If the assist is a Fiona, her shield will be completely broken.