Another City

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Another City Req. Level: 22
Strange Traveler (NPC).png Strange Traveler (NPC).png
Starts with Strange Traveler Ends with Strange Traveler
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Strange Traveler at the Inn.
2. Talk to Krunk at the Bar.
3. Talk to Strange Traveler at the Inn.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 6500 Gold (Icon).png 12400 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Title (Icon).png   Title
Rocheste Tourist

Story Dialogue
Talk to Strange Traveler at the Inn in Colhen.
Strange Traveler (NPC Icon).png Strange Traveler

Do you know a place called Rocheste?

Rocheste is quite different from Colhen.
They have a huge square with a beautiful fountain.

I'm not such a fan of water, though...oh, nothing.
But Rocheste is a beautiful city like that.

I guess you have to see it yourself to understand.
So, why don't you visit Rocheste?

It's not hard, just follow the path past
the Magic Laboratory and across the fields.

You can take a carriage back, when
you're done.

And, if you help me, I'll have a word with the driver
here so you can take the carriage both ways!

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You discovered the title: Rocheste Tourist.
Strange Traveler (NPC Icon).png Strange Traveler

So go, go and explore the city!
Go, and bring me back something nice! Heehee.

I could really use a Frothy Beer
from the Bar in Rocheste.

Don't worry about getting lost...the Bar is always
the easiest thing to find in a city.

So, hop to it! Go and explore.
But not for too long. I'm thirsty!

Purchase a Frothy Beer from Krunk at the Bar in Rocheste.
Krunk (NPC Icon).png Krunk

Hoo-man, why here?

Frothy Beer?

Hahaha! Beer good.

Caryl (NPC Icon).png Caryl

You're new around here, aren't you?
Who might you be?

(You introduce yourself and your task.)

Colhen, huh? Nice little town [sic]
But you came to buy Frothy Beer?

Ahh, you poor thing. You're too honest.
If it was for you, it's no problem.

But you HAD to go and tell me it's for a friend.
You know I can't do that, right?

You seem nice, but what if you're buying for a minor?
I have to look out for everyone, you know.

Sorry to disappoint you.
If you ever need a drink, you know,

for yourself, drop by again!

Tell Strange Traveler at the Inn in Colhen that you were not able to get the Frothy Beer.
Strange Traveler (NPC Icon).png Strange Traveler

So, how was Rocheste?

(You open your mouth to answer,
but he interrupts.)

Yeah, yeah, sounds lovely.

But where's my beer?
(You tell him what Caryl told you.)

What? Me? I need to go myself?

Ahh, it's okay.
Truth is, I'm wa-ay older than you think.

Probably older than you!
Still, too bad. Really too bad.

I was excited about having some beer again.
Thanks for making the trip, anyway.

Hope you had fun!

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You received the title: Rocheste Tourist.