Ainle Gauntlet

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Ainle (Battle Icon).png
This place is full of monsters whom you've already met at the Ainle. Beware, for they may have new tricks to greet you with!
~ Ainle Gauntlet
Ainle Gauntlet
Location Ainle
Mission Clear Ainle Gauntlet (*P)
Time limit 60 minutes
Minimum level 50
Recommended 58
Main Boss Blood Lord
Ability Points (AP) 15 Ability Point (Icon).png
Rewards 0 Gold (Icon).png

82,500 Experience (Icon).png

Monsters Found[edit source]

Image Name Type Health Bars Exp
The Blood Drinker (Enemy).png The Blood Drinker Vampire  ???  ???
The Knight (Enemy).png The Knight Vampire  ???  ???
The Reaper (NPC) (Enemy).png The Reaper (Boss) Vampire  ???  ???
The Spark (Enemy).png The Spark Vampire  ???  ???
The Blood Prince (Enemy).png The Blood Prince Vampire  ???  ???
The Blood Lord (Enemy).png The Blood Lord Vampire  ???  ???