Agile Strike

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SP Agile Strike.png
Agile Strike


Increases damage by 25%.
- Agile Strike is Grimden's normal attack.
- Grimden's normal attack uses Stamina, but it can trigger critical hits and quickly link attacks.
- Deals additional damage when Shadow Ambush is applied.
- Its long, forward movement makes it suitable for penetrating the enemy's side or rear.
- You can link Agile Strike into Mortal Arts to carry over the hit count from Agile Strike, but the hit count resets when Agile Strike is linked back from Mortal Arts.

Mouse: [Left-click] x4
Keyboard: [S] x4

<Launching Attack During Agile Strike>
Mouse: Hold down [Left-click]
Keyboard: Hold down [S]

Addictional Details[edit | edit source]

  • Grimden skill only.
    • Increase Damage