Active: Ruin Blade

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Active Ruin Blade (Skill).png
Active: Ruin Blade


- Use up all SP to perform a powerful strike.
- The charge up period allows you to input a series of keys
during the charge period to enhance the attack. It also grants
temporary invulnerability while charging.
- Starting at Rank A, you can perform [Active: Counter Drain]
as an additional attack without consuming SP.
- If you landed Mana Tracer on a target in advance, you can
warp to that target within 3 seconds of the enhanced attack
and get a chance to input an additional attack.
- SP will not be consumed when Warp is used during this time.

Min SP Required: 250
SP Consumed: All
Put this skill on the Quick Slots and use number keys to
activate, or use [X] key to shift then [Z] to use.

<Enhanced Attacks>
Mouse: [W] - [S] - [A] - [D] - [A] - [D] - [W] - [S] before
wielding Spellblade
Keyboard: [↑] - [↓] - [←] - [→] - [←] - [→] - [↑] - [↓] before
wielding Spellblade

<Rank A+ Additional Attack>
Mouse: [A] - [S] - [D] - [S] - [W] after performing enhanced
Keyboard: [←] - [↓] - [→] - [↓] - [↑] after performing enhanced

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

  • Arisha-only skill.
  • The charge period ends (and the attack executes) after successfully inputting the keys.
  • Enhanced Attack hits 4 times, gains 25 SP with each hit connect.
  • At rank A or higher, if the additional attack is performed, Arisha will be left in Mana Blade.
    • Inversely, Arisha will deactivate mana blade if mana blade was already active before executing the additional attack.

Skill Preview[edit | edit source]

Ruin Blade.gif

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

  • Purchased for 0 Gold when at least level 12.