Active: Motivation

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Active: Motivation


Lasts for 20 seconds.
Restores 55 HP per seconds.
- Can only be used when a Spellwhip is equipped.
- Active: Motivation converts Battle Inspiration to HP and also removes Fatigue. (Rinforzando Fine, Mana Stock, Mana Instability)
- Though usually activated through Quick Slots, it can also be activated with a Command after blocking an enemy attack with A Battuta.
- If activated with a Command after successfully blocking an attack using A Buttuta, the SP consumed is reduced. (Up to 3 times)
- Active: Motovation does not have a separate cooldown but cannot be activated if you already have a status effect on you.
- Effect increases as skill ranks increasses.

SP Consumed: 400
(However if Command is entered after successfully using A Battuta, the SP consumed is reduced by 50 for ech successful use. Max 150 decrease.)
Can be put in a Quick Slot and used by pressing the number keys.
Upon successfully blocking enemy attack with A Battuta.
Mouse: [D] - [A] before you come out of the A Battuta pose.
Keyboard: [->] - [<-] before you come out of the A Battuta pose.

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

  • Arisha-only skill.
    • Skill which you can activate or deactivate.