Active: Blood Fountain

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Active- Blood Fountain (Skill).png
Active: Blood Fountain


- Can be used only when equipped with Twin Chainblades.
- Suppresses the [Heart of Ice] state by infusing your blood with heat.
- [Heart of Ice] is removed, you enter [Blood Fountain] state. The duration of [Blood Fountain] is double that of [Heart of Ice].
- When you try to do a strong attack during [Blood Fountain] state, you revert to [Heart of Ice].
- The duration of [Heart of Ice] is currently 1/2 the remaining time of [Blood Fountain].

Required SP: 0
Can be bound to a Quick Slot or selected with [X] and activated with [Z].

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

  • Columns in red indicate ranks not currently released.
Rank F
Required Level 40
Required AP 0
Required AP (Total) 0

Ranks[edit | edit source]

  • Rows in red indicate ranks not currently released.
Rank AP Effects Req. Level
F 0 You can use the active Blood Fountain.