A Moment's Notice

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Culann (Battle Icon).png
Ogres are separatists. They think they're superior to everyone else. Ugh, why does he have to be an ogre? You'll probably find him at the reception chamber.
Battle Name A Moment's Notice
Mission Defeat Hexad
Difficulty Lv. 90 and above (*P)
Leads to
Location Downtown Berbhe

This battle has no limit to attack power.

Fatigue Cost: None
Quick Battle Requirements
Power: 0 Technique: 0 Counterforce: 0
22,700 Gold 1,020,000 Experience (Icon).png →45 Ability Point (Icon).png
Battle Limit Max Party Size 4 players
Appearance Season 3 Time Limit 60 minutes
Mid Boss(es) None End Boss(es) Hexad

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest given by: Culann
Related Quests: [[]]

Monsters[edit | edit source]

End Boss
Cmmon Enemies

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main Mission[edit | edit source]

Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement Gold Gained Experience Gained AP Gained
145 Defeat Hexad 22,700 Gold (Icon).png 1,020,000 Experience (Icon).png 45 Ability Point (Icon).png