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Basic Information

  • Titles are rewards for specific accomplishments in-game, obtained by completing stories and battles, defeating enemies, collecting items, or participating in events.
  • A title can be equipped and shown above a character's name, visible to all other players.
  • Titles often provide bonuses to stats related to the requirements.
  • When a title is obtained, the stats received from it are permanently added to the character. Thus, which title is displayed at a given time does not affect the character's attributes (i.e. A player can display the Beginner Spirit Investigator title and still receive the +1 STR from the Neck Grabber title.)
  • For all equipment set titles that are not part of the main storyline, you must purchase the story for them at the general store.
  • List of Available Titles

List of Titles

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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Berserker Skill A title for those who've infused their comrades with the energy of Berserker Spirit Use Active: Berserker Spirit 500 times. STR+3 - - - -
Dancing Swordsman Skill A title for those familiar with the sword dance known as Double Crescent. Defeat 500 enemies with the skill Double Crescent - AGI+2 - - -
Fanatical Neck Grabber Combat A title reserved for those who are fanatical with grabbing their enemies by the neck before laying on the pain. Defeat 300 Enemies with Environmental Smash (ES) STR+1 - - - -
Gliding Fury Expert Skill The title reserved for those who've defeated 30 enemies with Gliding Fury. Anyone who manages that truly deserved to be called a master of consecutive attacks. Defeat 30 enemies with the skill Gliding Fury STR+3 AGI+3 INT+3 - -
More Than An Expert Combat A title reserved for those who have defeated 25 Prairie Gnolls with Gliding Fury. Not the ones from the ruins. The ones from the prairie. Defeat 25 Prairie Gnolls with Gliding Fury. Part of Skill Challenge: Gliding Fury story. - AGI+15 - - -
The 360 Combat A title reserved for those who favor spin attacks. Whew, feeling dizzy yet? Defeat 1000 enemies with Grand Hurricane STR+2 - - - -
The Furious Glider Skill A title given to those who use Gliding Fury so often, they have a sixth sense about critical hits. Defeat 1000 enemies with Gliding Fury STR+2 - - - -
The Thousand Needles Skill A title given to those who favor Thousand Needles. Poke, poke, poke, poke, SMACK! Defeat 1,000 enemies using the Fanning Slash skill - AGI+2 - - -
Twin Spear Wielder Combat A title reserved for those who've killed 15 wisps with spears. Defeat 15 Wisps with Spears STR+5 AGI+5 - - -
Wind Cutter Skill A title reserved for those who use the SP Skill Fury No.7. Use Active: Fury No.7 1 time STR+2 AGI+3 - - -
Windmill Expert Skill A title reserved for those who defeat 40 enemies using Windmill. Falling won't stop you! (Note: The actual windmill has to kill the enemy, not the smash you can use upon getting up.) Defeat 40 enemies with Windmill STR+2 AGI+3 - - -