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Lann (Lethita in the Korean version) hails from the northwest. He left his hometown when it was destroyed by Fomors and came to Colhen to join the Crimson Blade mercenaries. He is known for his ferocity in battle dual-wielding swords and spears. His attacks are quick and leave his enemies breathless because of his non-stop whirlwind of slashes.

Role[edit | edit source]

Lann is an agile melee combatant who must stay in close range to reach his full potential. To stay alive in melee range, Lann must utilize the subtle but crucial movements in his attacks and well-timed dashes to avoid injuries. When Lann finds a chance to strike, he unleashes his blades with the most effective combo that he can fit into the window of opportunity. Unique to Lann is the ability to extend his critical cap, which along with his ability to increase his critical chance and/or damage gives Lann the strongest critical hits out of all characters.

When wielding the Twin Swords, Lann can Slip Dash and Nimble Dash out of incoming attacks easily, then quickly counterattack with Double Crescent. By utilizing buffs from Thousand Needles and Risky Wind, he has easier access to the empowered versions of Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury to cut down his foes. However, almost all of Sword's attacks come out very slowly and are coupled with long Hit Drag.

When wielding the Twin Spears, Lann relies on Spear Dash and Lightning Fury: Twin Spears to stay alive, but this evasion is much more difficult to pull off compared to Slip/Nimble Dash. Spears have strong offensive capabilities, with Fury Infusion providing him valuable offensive buff and fuels his ferocity without end, but drains his health in the process (albeit regeneratable); while Belclaire's Blood Pact effect increases damage output but also increases damage intake. Overall, Spears are a high risk gameplay, with tempting high damage abilities that puts Lann in a vulnerable position, but offers great rewards.

However, Lann is not without flaws. Many of Lann's attacks have relatively short reach and, outside of Spears, are incapable of moving straight through large bosses unlike most other characters, putting him in great risk. In addition, Lann's skillset is quite small and limited, with the majority of his skills being shared between his two weapons, enforcing a repetitive playstyle. Lastly, despite being described as agile, Lann is strangely lacking in this role compared to the majority of the characters, who have more effective speed and maneuverability; even Lann has attacks with long start-up, long Hit Drag, or even make him stand still for long periods of time.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Combat Training Restoration Twin Sword Smash Combos

Common Skill

Twin Sword

(Smash: Thousand Needles)

Twin Spears

Equipment Path Twin Spear Smash Combos


* XE Move is exclusive to XE/EU servers.
( ) Respective EU version name.

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