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Concept art of Lann

Lann (Lethita in the Korean version) is the first male character of Vindictus and specializes in dual-wielding swords and spears. His attacks are quick and leave his enemies breathless because of his non-stop whirlwind of slashes and thrusts. Lann starts out wearing Light armor, but by level 30, he will transition into Heavy armor, then Plate armor with the aid of Weight Endurance and corresponding armor mastery skills.

Lann hails from the northwest. He left his hometown when it was destroyed by Fomors and came to Colhen to join the Crimson Blade mercenaries. He is known for his ferocity in battle.


As one of the quickest melee combatants of the group, it is his responsibility to slice and dice while avoiding damage. It's a simple explanation but the skill of the person controlling Lann makes a large difference in combat success.

Twin Swords are versatile and evasive due to Slip Dash and Nimble Dash and have a wide number of skills and options at their disposal as well as extremely high critical hit rate and critical hit damage with the help of Critical Damage and Risky Wind, but have very little range, less damage output, stamina issues, and --despite being labeled as fast-- slow start-up on most attacks with long hit drag. Twin Spears possess constant and high damage attacks as well as instantaneous stamina recovery due to Fury Infusion and Belclaire and slightly faster speed thanks to Accelerate, but at the cost of a somewhat less effective evasion via Spear Dash which cannot be used consecutively unlike Slip/Nimble Dash as well as increased damage intake as a side effect from Belclaire. Both weapon classes utilize Windmill to recover when knocked down and are also heavily reliant on scoring critical hits in order to perform their high-damaging glide attacks Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury, though both weapons use them differently: Swords can use Slip Dash and Gliding Fury after Windmill while Spears possess Windmill Boost which allows them to chain to two normal hits or Sudden Shock; and Swords benefit more from Fury skill series due to Thousand Needles' enhancing their damage and further enhance Lightning Fury's damage and knockdown with Lightning Fury: Twin Swords, whereas Spears alter Lightning Fury to increase Spear's survivability via invulnerability frames and physics collision ignore with Lightning Fury: Twin Spears. Both weapon classes also have a higher critical cap via Critical Break, reaching past the 50% critical cap after all calculations.

Unlike other characters, Lann has no actual self-defense skills, as opposed to Fiona's Guard & Heavy Stander, Evie's Mana Shield and Mana Amber, and Karok's Absorb Shock & Weaving. Both Twin Spear and Swords can slip in between attacks through Slip Dash and Spear Dash, respectively, although Twin Spears have much more difficulty to accomplish this. Therefore, they must take caution and space themselves from opponents in order to stay alive.

Regardless, Lann is definitely a fun and easy class to play, but difficult to master.


Combat Training Restoration Twin Sword Smash Combos

Common Skill

Twin Sword

(Smash: Thousand Needles)

Twin Spears

Equipment Path Twin Spear Smash Combos


* XE Move is exclusive to XE/EU servers.
( ) Respective EU version name.

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