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Hurk, a mysterious new mercenary, may look like a handsome young adventurer, but he hides a dark secret. He's often found in the shadowy corners of inns, brooding over a mug of ale. Other warriors know to avoid him- Hurk's temper is short, and sparking it means signing your own death warrant.

When he hears the sound of steel clashing against steel, Hurk becomes a bloodthirsty berserker. With his mighty greatsword, Hurk has been known to chop enemies in half, and cut through hordes of Fomors in a heartbeat.

Role[edit | edit source]

Hurk functions as a male berserker. He, like Karok, fights on the front lines to deal massive damage and relentless assaults while also receiving damage as well, with his sheer willpower to support both his offensive and defensive prowess.

With a Greatsword, Hurk can do slow but hard hitting attacks that can be repeated almost indefinitely. Unlike other characters, thanks to his Relentless, Hurk can semi-indefinitely chain his normal and smash attacks without pause, at least until he runs out of stamina, but Transcendent continues Hurk's onslaught by sacrificing a bit of his HP. To complement his defenses, Hurk's evasion skills Charge and Energy grants him Impenetrable which reduces all damage received by a very large amount, while Active: Judgement grants him invulnerability frames, and furthermore his Revenge allows him to heal the damage he received. Furthermore, he can also instantly interrupt a boss's attack with a well-timed Deflection or Active: Ultimatum, and continue exposing the boss's vulnerability with Onslaught, allowing him and others to take advantage of the opening. Last but not least, Active: Execution and Active: Terminus is his counterpart to Evie's Active: Reverse Gravity and Vella's Active: Cyclone and Active: Glacier Terminus to instantly knock down the boss and disable them.

Due to his sheer lethality and survivability, Hurk can easily be defined as overpowered. However, there are a few cons that tone him down. All of Hurk's attacks use a very large amount of Stamina, leaving him tired after a few seconds of battle. Most of Hurk's attacks are also somewhat slow and have a narrow hitbox range, making it difficult to land some of his hits as enemies can easily move out of the way. As with all characters, Hurk's evasion and parry requires impeccable timing and can be difficult to master. Hurk's Active skills also have longer cooldowns than compared to other characters, for example Terminus's cooldown is three minutes while other characters who rival that skill such as Evie's Reverse Gravity have a cooldown of only two minutes. Like Kai, Hurk is also heavily reliant on SP. Finally, unlike other characters, all of Hurk's combat skills require him to be at high levels in order for them to be ranked, preventing him from reaching his full potential early on. However, a highly skilled Hurk can shrug off all these weaknesses.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Combat Training Restoration

Common Skill


Equipment Path


* XE Move is exclusive to XE/EU servers.
( ) Respective EU version name.

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