Holy Wing Half Plate Set

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Holy Wing Half Plate Set
Set Bonus
  • 2: DEF +150, STR +55
  • 3: DEF +220, STR +76
  • 4: DEF +280, STR +93
  • 5: DEF +330, STR+118, AGI +50
Total Set Effects
DEF +3414 ,STR +617, AGI +158, WIL +150, Resistance +50
Full Set Restrictions
Level: 60
Rank: Plate Armor Proficiency Rank 9
Weight: Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{". stones
Class: Fiona

Method to Obtain[edit]

Helm, Tunic, and Pants are dropped by Titan in The Giant.

Gloves and Boots are crafted by Brakis or Ferghus after completing The Investigation and The Last Fragment.

Material (Icon).png Materials
Gold Coin.png  Fee: 137,000 Gold (Icon).png


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Holy Wing Half Plate Set (View 2).png
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