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[edit] Overview

Gathering is, as it's name implies, the process of collecting items from search points called Luminary Trees. The appearance of the luminary vary depending on location. For example, Crescent Moon Island and Twilight Desert have the glowing white "tree" (looks like a bare bush to me), while the Ship Graveyard has a box with a glow coming from it. The easiest way to know if a Luminary has appeared is to keep an eye on the minimap on the screen, do to the Luminary Tree image is shown along with the word "Luminary". Gathering can be done by pressing "E" close to the "tree", and will take several seconds to complete, so it is best to clear any threats prior to any attempt to gather. Depending on the item you'd get, defines weather you'll actually be able to gather from said tree. Luminary are most common in the area for which the place is named (Crescent Moon Island battle quest,in Crescent Moon Island).

Item Proficiency minimum
Star Fruit 0
Salt Flower 0
Orb 0
Twilight Orb 90
Average Element Shard 90
Average Lambent Powder 90
Average Magic Stone 90
Average Spirit Water 90
Element Shard 90
Lambent Powder 90
Magic Stone 90
Spirit Water 90

[edit] Notes

  • You have a chance to gain 1 point of expertise upon gathering
  • The items requiring 90 proficiency can only be gathered from a special Luminary Tree.
    • If you do not have the required proficiency, you will not be able to collect an item from these trees.