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Concept art of Evie.

Evie is a magic user who can wield a staff, or a battle scythe. With a staff, she is capable of casting a wide variety of spells, ranging from Ice Spear that can freeze bosses to Healing Corona which restores her allies health. Scythe Evie is capable of dealing much more direct physical damage, but gives up much of her spellcasting ability.

Evie comes from the east. From her demeanor, it’s likely she was raised in a noble family, but no one knows for sure. When asked, she just smiles and changes the subject. Despite her youth, Evie is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.


Evie is the most versatile character in the game. Her ability to create Golems, combined with her high DPS makes her an ideal class for soloing missions. Evie is also a great support character, as she can heal her party members with Healing Corona or Regeneration, buff party members with Insane Reaper, as well as slow down or distract enemies with SP: Clipped Wings as well as Alchemy Box-related items like Alchemy: Mana Pistol. Equipped with a staff, her Magic Arrow allows for a continuous damage. After taking a moment to focus, Staff Evie can use long range spells such as Ice Spear and Blind Arrow, which are great for taking out dangerous enemies from a safe distance, as well as Ice Blast and Fire Bolt, which can clear out nearby mobs. In times of danger, she can perform a short distance, yet quick and no-stamina hop to avoid attacks. Flying Sparrow allows her to dodge even further. Against attacks that are highly difficult to evade, she can engulf herself within a Mana Amber for three seconds or until it shatters to protect herself.

When equipped with a Battle Scythe, Evie can use entirely different melee-related abilities. Instead of attacking at a distance, she gets close, dancing with the blade, slashing enemies to shreds, and then smashes them with a smiting blow. After a smash, Scythe Evie can drain the life out of her enemies and slightly healing herself, capture a portion of the enemy's soul to use as a familiar or place a Mark of Death or Bloody Thread on her foes to deal even more damage. With a snap of her finger, she can activate one or all four of the above at once, dealing massive damage especially if she has multiple "drains" active since additional drains provide additional damage. In the face of danger, she can still hop, but she can not use Mana Amber. Instead, she can teleport or Blink a short distance through attacks and even the entire enemy itself, allowing her to escape from danger.

Evie is often considered to be an overpowered character in the game, but she has several weaknesses to balance her out. Evie has the lowest HP and defense out of all the classes, so she needs to rely on her Mana Shield, Mana Amber and Blink to stay alive; without these, she doesn't last long. Evie is also the only character who cannot learn Stamina Mastery and Battle Respiration, and has the smallest stamina pool. Because of this, a Staff Evie runs out of stamina frequently due to the high stamina cost of her spells. Staff Evies do not do well against faster enemies, as they will often attack her before she can finish casting her spells. However, a Scythe Evie is more versatile in combat, but she also has a vulnerability often after her combos, as she needs a moment to recalibrate for her next attack.

Despite all of this, Evie is still an excellent character to play, and brings a great deal of power and flexibility to the game.


Combat Training Restoration Battle Scythe Smash Combos

Common Skill


Battle Scythe

(SP: Confusion Hole)


Equipment Path

* XE Move is exclusive to XE/EU servers.
** Healing Corona is exclusive to Premiere/NA servers.
( ) Respective EU version name.

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