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Getting Started[edit]

simple ways to improve your game's speed

  • Let's skip the introdutctions and get straight to the point here, if you're looking at this guide, then you want to do these following things...
  • (A) Speed up your PING, or internet connection to the vindictus servers.
  • (B) Speed up the FPS of the overall game.
  • (C) Find out what might be causing problems in your computer.

First off...

The thing all gamers should do is defragment your harddrive, if you are unfamillar with this term, then you should be a bit worried. Defragging is essential to protect your computer's speed and quality, and if you are a gamer this is a must. To find the defragment option follow these steps.

Start > Program Files > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter

Do this about once every two weeks to ensure that your computer is running at the best it possibly can. Also, in the same file, System Tools, look for a program called Disk Cleanup, and run that. For another option to clean your disks, you can download CCleaner. In the following Link:


Another essential part of keeping your computer healthy is to update your graphics drivers. You can find what type of graphics card you have by going to control panel, it should be shown pretty plainly depending on the OS. If you have a OS such as Vista etc. you might have to go into the additional options tab to find it.

All of this is to improve your computer's speed while running games, but you have to ALSO improve your router's ability to run your games faster.

Working With Graphic Settings[edit]

How to make FPS improve A common error most people make while playing games is that everything should be run at the absolute highest settings, or else you'll be missing something, when in fact, if you remove some settings, it wont even be noticeable in the long run.

Simple Setting Changes

  • Set water quality to lowest
  • Set shadows to either off or lowest
  • Turn cloth physics off
  • Turn particle quality to lowest or off
  • Put textures/model detail lowest
  • Turn off Direct X9 and replace it for Direct X8

More Advanced Setting Changes[edit]

You can find your graphic card's options and control panel by going to your actual control panel and going to additional settings, or going to your computer, and opening the file containing the driver's media. Or simply right-clicking on the desktop.

Start > Computer > Program Files > Nvidia > Control Panel

Something like that. I used nvidia as an example...

Here's some options that you can set to make your games run faster using the control panel on your drivers

  • Turn off Anisotropic Filtering
  • Set the display preformance to Single Display
  • Turn off Anti-Aliasing
  • Anything that has the option for preformance, turn to High-Preformance.
  • Right click your Battery Symbol on your toolbar (If using a Laptop) and choose the High Preformance option.

After changing the options make sure to hit apply after of so it's good.

Improving Ping, or, Connection to Game[edit]

Easy Connection Fix Options[edit]

There's no easy way to fix connection to the actual game's server, so let's get started on the easy stuff to improve your computer's ability to connect to your router at home...

  • The first thing you could do, is if you are using a Wi-Fi connection, and also have the option to use a Ethernet Connection Cable (cord that connects you to the internet) USE THE ETHERNET OVER WI-FI! It improves your connection's speed and quality, simply because it doesnt have to travel through the air to send the internet to you.
  • If the ethernet isn't an option and you're stuck with Wi-Fi, you could also reset the Wi-Fi router itself, which seems to resolve most issues...

Harder Connection Fix Options[edit]

The hard path that you could take is trying to use console commands, but that doesn't work for Vindictus, simply because you cannot improve Ping through CC because the game itself runs it's connection on Proxy. Proxy is basically a way of saying, that it uses your Webpage's internet connection instead of your actual internet connection in it's entirety. This means, if you have a hard time loading a video on youtube, your'e probably going to have a hard time staying connected in parties. To improve internet connection for proxy you could...

  • Download a proxy smoother/fixer
  • Go directly into the Internet Explorer/FireFox/Google Chrome setting page and change it so internet runs faster
  • Try to find another way to fix issues.
  • Turn off toolbars or programs that update that are directly on your Web Broswer.

Since speed and connection are the main issues with proxy connectivity, I'd reccomend Google Chrome to run the game on, simply, because it is the fastest internet browser out there right now, you dont have to even use it for regular internet surfing, you could just use it for the game itself.

Google Chrome's Website

Hope This Helped[edit]

This is pretty much all the information I know of how to speed up internet connectivity at the time, I'll be updating frequently and with quality information, I am part of the Antrapenuers Guild, which can be found at:

Antrapenuers Youtube page

My Email is [email protected], Peace off.

--Arrownin 23:00, 5 April 2011 (UTC)