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Delia is a young female knight mercenary and the 11th character of Vindictus

Role[edit | edit source]

  • Delia is a high risk high reward physical melee character, she dance around the battlefield with grace and elegance while delivering slow but devastating blow to crush all enemies.
  • Delia's main kit involve around her 2 Special Smashes: Rising Comet and Falling Comet, which can be enhanced from various status effect gained by hitting enemies with her other smashes. However, her weakness quickly showed as player proceed to higher level : her special smash is too slow, and is quite difficult to handle especially her strongest special smash Falling Comet, many of her smashes have armor, which put her at risk of taking massive damage from multi-hit attack, this is where her SP skills come to play. Most of her active attack SP skills have no cooldown and low SP cost. Active: Ion Thrust is the most important SP attack for Delia, it allows her to cancel her Special Smash immediately, help her get out of harm way and/or continue to attack immediately. Active: Full Moon is her counter attack move, it deal unimpressive damage in a wide radius and recovers her stamina. Active: Wild Star deals more damage than a fully charged Wild Star while also remove the HP loss from the normal version. Active: Cosmic Blitz can be linked with Falling Comet, making it the faster and more safer way to get this attack out. Active: Zenith act as a mini-transformation for Delia, and like Transformation, it break all her armors and putting her at risk, stay true to her theme. Delia's Ultra attack is unique in that it costs 0 SP, but require Boss to be exhausted or knocked down to work, this skill prove invaluable especially in Royal Army Raid (24-man Raid), in party, Delia can perform a more powerful version of her Ultra skill in conjunction with certain character's attack (like Karok Clash ).

In conclusion, Delia is a difficult character to play, and is not recommended for new or inexperienced players, or player who prefer to play solo. She require some investment in gears to get a decent speed and defense to be more efficient in battle.

  • Delia has a lot in common with the old Fiona Hammer style : a block, a powerful charge attack, and slow but powerful smashes. Delia can also be seen as a different approach to Hurk's greatsword style without the Impenetrable and Deflect attack patterns.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Combat Training Restoration

Common Skill

Bastard Sword

Equipment Path


* XE Move is exclusive to XE/EU servers.
** NA name / EU name

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