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Character Stats[edit]

Stat attributes directly affect how well your character performs in battle. Different stats affect your character in different ways.

Base Stats[edit]


  • Increases the damage dealt by your physical attacks.
    • Every 1 point of Strength increases ATT by exactly 2.7
      • Dark Knight and Paladin skill points that add +stats (Destiny/Potential) increase ATT by exactly 2.8 per strength
  • For all characters except Evie, Strength allows you to pick up heavier objects.
    • Objects marked with a white hand can be picked up with no stamina penalty.
    • Objects marked with a orange hand slowly drains the stamina pool while being held.
    • Objects marked with a red hand cannot be picked up at all.
  • For all characters except Evie, Strength increases critical damage by 0.015% (capped at 30% for 2,000 Strength).


  • Increases your Defense.
    • Every 2 points of Agility increases DEF by 1.
  • Allows your Stamina to regenerate faster.
    • Every 105 points of Agility reduces time to full stamina regeneration by 0.3 seconds.
  • Allows you to recover from being knocked down faster.
  • Lann only: Increases the damage of all Twin Spear Smash attacks except Tail Piercing.
    • Every 40 points of Agility increases Twin Spear Smash Damage by by 1%.
  • Lann only: Increases the damage of Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury.
    • Every 47 points of Agility increases Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury Damage by 1%.
  • Lann only: Increases the damage of Active: Fury No.7.
    • Every 38 points of Agility increases Furious Seven Damage by 1%.


  • Shortens the time between obtaining bonus AP through Meditation.
    • Every 1 points of Intelligence decreases the bonus AP time by 0.15 second.
      • This is capped at 2,000 Intelligence for a reduction of 300 seconds.
  • Increases the damage done by your magic attacks.
    • Every 1 point of Intelligence increases M. ATT by 2.
  • Increases the Critical Hit damage dealt through Magic.
    • Intelligence increases critical damage by 0.015% (capped at 30% for 2,000 Intelligence).
  • Evie only: Allows you to pick up heavier objects. See Strength table above, substituting Intelligence for Strength, for requirements.


  • Decreases your chance of being knocked down or incapacitated.
    • Life flare activation bonus chance is equal to 30% at 2,000 Willpower (or .015% per Willpower at or below 2,000)
  • Willpower increases Critical rate at the rate of 0.0075% for every 1 Will.
    • Critical Hit Chance obtained from Willpower is automatically added in the character stat menu.
  • Willpower also increases HP where 1 Willpower = 0.6 HP.


  • Increases your chance of obtaining additional (white) Evil Cores.
  • Only way to increase luck is by equipping NX items (e.g. Badges and Blessings).
  • Base Luck is 100.
  • If you have bonus Luck (more than 100), you will gain one guaranteed extra (white) evil core from all bosses.
  • For every other black core that drops, you have (<your luck> - 100)*1.5% chance to obtain a duplicate (white) core, with the same loot table. i.e. If a boss core is duplicated, your white core may contain any item on that boss's drop table. If a breakoff core is duplicated, your white core will contain a second breakoff item, etc.

Effective Stats[edit]

Health Points[edit]

  • Health Points, abbreviated as HP, determines how much damage the player can absorb.
  • Health is lost by getting hit by the enemy or environment, falling off high ledges, or using certain skills such as Lann's Fury Infusion.
  • The Defense stat help reduce the amount of HP lost when being hit.
  • If health drops to zero, the player will become incapacitated where they have fallen and will be unable to move.
    • Incapacitation can be resisted with the Life Flare skill which is affected by the Willpower stat.
  • If incapacitation occurs, players must be revived by using a Phoenix Feather or the Revive spell. One can alternatively use the Goddess Grace or Goddess Grace (Party) from the Supply Depot.
    • Using a Phoenix Feather to revive a player will leave them at 50% HP, while the Revive spell restores a certain amount depending on rank, where the Goddess Grace will restore full health.
  • Maximum health can be increased by obtaining certain titles or increasing Willpower or Health Mastery.
  • Health can also be obtained from certain armor effects.
  • Health can be recovered by using HP potions, collecting Restoration Erg Crystals, or using unique skills skills such as Healing Corona.
    • Potions have reduced effectiveness if used while moving. The Merc Recovery Potion is the exception.
    • The HP Potion Proficiency skill can increase the effectiveness of any potion used while standing or moving.
  • When one transforms into a Paladin or Dark Knight, the user's maximum health will fully restored and temporarily increased.
    • 500 bonus health is granted for transforming, as well as an additional 500 (for a total of 1000) upon using the 2nd transformation. These numbers can be increased through passive path skills.
    • Paladin Grace: Regeneration and Dark Knight Revelation: Regeneration can restore HP by a certain amount per second up to a certain limit.


  • Stamina allows you to employ attacks and movements.
    • Regular attacks stop Stamina regeneration.
    • Sprinting, dodging, using a smash attack, throwing objects, grabbing and grappling attacks all consume Stamina.
    • If the user runs out of Stamina, the character will pant for a quick second and needs to catch a breather, leaving them vulnerable.
    • Different skills consume different amounts of Stamina.
      • Some skills that consume stamina can be used without the normal amount required. Stamina will be drained normally but cannot fall below 0.
  • Maximum Stamina can be increased by Stamina Mastery.
    • Maximum Stamina is increased by 10 for all characters upon reaching level 80.
    • As a Paladin or Dark Knight, the player gains 50 additional Stamina for the duration of the transformation. Using the 2nd transformation will increase this by an additional 50, for a total of 100.
    • Dark Knight's Revelation: Aura increases Maximum Stamina for the entire party, including the user, so long as they are near the Dark Knight.
  • Characters have different amounts of base stamina points.
  • Stamina recovery is affected by:
    • The Agility stat and Battle Respiration increase the inherent recovery rate of stamina.
      • If the player has exceeded their Maximum Weight, then Stamina regeneration is decreased.
    • Stamina Potions, Evie's SP: Insane Reaper, Paladin's Grace: Stamina or Dark Knight's Revelation: Stamina can restore Stamina by a certain amount per second. This "extra" Stamina restoration will continue even when normal Stamina regeneration does not, such as when sprinting.
    • Certain skills, such as Lann's Fury Infusion, the skill Active: Slashing High, Paladin Transformation or Dark Knight Transformation can restore 100% of Stamina when executed.
    • Certain skills, such as Active: Slashing High, can also maintain 100% of Stamina for a limited time.
  • Some attacks, such as Weakness, temporarily drop the user's Stamina to 0 and prevent Stamina regeneration of any form for a limited time.
  • Certain scrolls can increase max Stamina or Stamina recovery rate, such as Enduring or Berserker.

ATT (Attack Power)[edit]

M. ATT (Magic Attack Power)[edit]

  • Increases the damage dealt by magic attacks.
  • All of Evie's weapons have a Magic Attack value.
    • Magic Attack can be increased through the Intelligence stat as well as Evie's Magic Mastery.
  • The Paladin and Dark Knight Transformations increases M. ATT by 700, while White Knight and Black Knight adds 2300.
  • Revelation: ATT and Revelation: Fury increases the M. ATT of a Dark/Black Knight.
  • Dark Knight's Steal allows them to absorb HP of their enemies to convert it to attack power.

DEF (Defense)[edit]

  • Lowers the damage received from attacks.
  • All armor has a defense value.
    • Defense can be gained by the Agility stat, Defense Mastery, Stone Skin and Armor Proficiency skills.
    • Armor can break if the user takes too many hits, and the defense added from the armor piece will be lowered.
      • A high ranked Stone Skin can restore a certain amount of Defense for each broken piece of armor.
      • Higher enhanced armor maintains more defense when broken than lower enhanced armor.
      • Critical hits will instantly break a piece of armor, regardless of previous durability or damage dealt.
  • Grace: DEF and Grace: Perseverance increases the Defense of a Paladin/White Knight.

Miscellaneous Stats[edit]

Maximum Weight[edit]

  • Maximum weight determines the maximum weight, measured in stones, that a character can equip.
  • The amount that a player is currently carrying is shown by a weight meter in the inventory window. The weight meter is divided into three zones:
    • The white and yellow zones means the player is carrying a safe amount of weight; no penalties are incurred.
      • The yellow zone indicates a hundred stones beneath the maximum weight cap, suggesting that players are close to reaching their maximum weight cap.
    • The red zone means that the player is carrying too much, and incurs penalties to stamina and knockdown recovery, as well as movement speed.
  • Each character has a different starting maximum weight. Evie has the lowest base maximum weight, while Fiona and Karok has the highest.
  • Only weapons, shields, and armor have weight. Higher leveled items tend to weigh more than lower leveled items of the same type.
    • Cloth armor weighs less than light armor; light armor weighs less than heavy armor; heavy armor weighs less than plate armor.
    • Ranking item proficiencies decrease the effective weight of items of that type. For example, Heavy Armor Proficiency decreases the weight of each piece of heavy armor that a character is wearing. Effective weight does not change the weight of the item itself, but rather the calculation toward maximum weight for a character.
  • The actual weight of an item can be decreased by enhancing it to +1, +2, +6, +11, and +14.
  • Maximum weight increases naturally as a character's level increases.
  • Maximum weight can also be increased through the Weight Endurance skill.

Weapon Balance[edit]

  • Weapon Balance determines the range of damage the weapon inflicts. In other words, each weapon’s damage will vary based on the Balance of it.
    • For example, if a weapon’s balance is 80, it will have a chance to inflict between 80% - 100% of total damage.
      • For further explanation, every time the player deals damage the game rolls a number and applies it as a percent. The minimum possible roll is equal to the player's balance total, while the maximum is 100. This is then applied against the character's actual damage, meaning that a character with 80 balance would deal anywhere between 80% to 100% of the actual damage per hit.
        • Simply put, higher balance is better.
  • Weapon Balance is capped at 90.

Attack Speed[edit]

  • Attack Speed determines how fast or slow the character attacks with the weapon.
    • For Kai's longbow mode, the attack speed only effects the reload time.
  • Each point of Attack Speed increases the speed of attacks by 0.5%.
  • The time required to complete any attack is given by the following formula:
   real attack period = base attack period*[1 - 1/(1+aspd/200)]
  • Some skills, such as Active: Slashing High and SP: Insane Reaper, temporarily increases the weapon speed.
  • Characters who are shorter tend to have more attack speed while a taller character will have less speed.
  • Attack Speed can be increased by enhancing the weapon from +6 and beyond, and enchanting.
  • The Attack Speed also effects the recovery time of an attack.

Attack Distance[edit]

  • Attack Distance is the range from the character to the opponent.
  • Attack Distance cannot be increased from weapon enhancements.
  • Characters who are taller tend to have more attack reach while a shorter character will have less attack reach.
  • Attack Distance is a hidden stat specific to the weapon (specifically the appearance weapon in terms of fused gear).
  • As a Paladin or Dark Knight, the Attack Distance greatly increases.
  • All of Hurk's and Lynn's weapons have the same Attack Distances.

Critical Chance[edit]

  • Critical Chance determines the chance you will land a critical hit.
    • Critical Chance is determined by Critical Chance Stat - Critical Resistance Stat.
  • Critical Chance is increased by the Critical Hit skill. All characters also receive a bonus critical hit rate on their smash attacks based on Will.
    • Willpower increases Critical Chance at the rate of 0.0075% for every 1 Will.
    • The formula for total critical rate is the following: Critical Hit Skill Rate + Weapon Critical + (Willpower/2000 * 15) + Other Critical Enhancements
  • All weapons have Critical Chance.
  • Lann's Fury Infusion and Sharp temporarily increases Critical Chance.

Critical Resistance[edit]

  • Critical Resistance lowers the chances that an opponent will critically strike you.
  • Certain armors increase the wearers Critical Resistance.

SP (Special Power)[edit]

  • SP is a resource used up when using extremely powerful abilities.
    • Most skills that use SP are prefaced with Active:, such as Active: Raging Fever. However, a few skills such as Kai's Magnum will draw SP in spite of not being labelled as such.
  • The SP bar only becomes visible when the player has first obtained an SP skill.
  • The SP bar is split into 5 parts; each sub-bar is 250 SP, making the whole bar 1250 SP. Skills consume one or several of the sub-bars.
  • Many common actions, such as using smashes, increases SP. Many characters have unique, additional ways to increase SP such as Fiona's Guard.
  • SP can also be gained through SP Recovery Potions.
  • Using a Goddess Grace or being revived with a Party Revival Feather or Guild Heavenly Feather provides 500 SP.
  • The status ailment Decreased Energy decreases SP by 450 within 6 seconds.
  • Lynn's Active: Jade Fox reduces SP over time as well as when she is hit by a damaging ability.