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Capture the Relic is one of the PvP system on Vindictus. There is two teams, Team Blue and Team Red. And your task is to capture the opposing team's relic and bring it to your base.

Here's an example video[edit]

Things You Need To Know[edit]

As you can see in a video you can choose 2 items for quick slot one and two, Merc Recovery Potion and Stamina Potion.

Some combat skills are removed for this battle. Example: Nimble Dash

There's a floating box that appears on the middle of the map, and it gives you potions or secondary weapons that might be helpful in the battle.

If the relic is captured on either team you will be notified on the top of screen.

If the relic is drop it will also be notified, and if it does not picked up after 20 seconds it will go back to the home base.

If the player is dead he/she will be revived after few moments.

How to Win[edit]

You must capture the opposing team's relic and bring it to your base, and who ever captured the most relic for the next 15 min wins.

Rewards for Winning Capture the Relic[edit]

If you win this PvP battle you will receive a Seal of Enjoyment as a reward.

Two Strategies I Came Up With[edit]

This is the two strategies I came up with. Hope this is useful for you guys.

Defensive Strategy[edit]

Have at least two players to go to the opposing team, while others stay in the base to protect the relic.

Offensive Strategy[edit]

Have players to distract the opposing team by fighting them, while two players sneak to the enemies' base and capture the relic.